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Invisible Justice?

While the former President of East Timor, Ramos Horta, would give his
country’s highest honour to our Law Society member Bernard Collaery, our
Australian government continues Bernard’s prosecution in relation to our
Australian government’s bugging of an East Timor government building in Dili.
The charges under the National Services Act 2001 carry a maximum penalty of
10 years imprisonment.

Due to the requirements of our Australian government, it appears a large part
of the trial will not be made public. It’s not yet 100 years since Lord Hewatt CJ
said justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly
be seen to be done. Is Australia now moving away from the principles of that
often quoted phrase?

Land Titles

The ACTs move toward electronic property settlements and generally the
conversion of titles to electronic format is not without its anxieties. For a short
time during this changeover, the Land Titles Office was sending a complete
copy of the Register to show the update after registration. This welcome
information rapidly diminished to being an email advice which only showed the
title reference and the registration number. Now they also include the names
of the new registered proprietors.

It really is not too much to ask that a full copy of the altered register be given,
by email, to all lodging parties as soon as registration is effected. Having lost
our right to a certificate of Title, we should at least be given the information it
contained. I have written to the Registrar of Titles requesting this improvement
in the service.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in person while opening our
Annual Wills and Estates conference next week at the Boathouse. This all day
event will be presented in the new improved format of a fully catered face to
face function, with the option of attending virtually. This maybe something we
can continue when we finally get rid of the coronavirus.