Hearsay Contributions

September 2018 – September 2020

Ethos Articles

  • Ethos 251 Autumn 2019
    The role of the Law Society.
  • Ethos 252 Winter 2019
    As lawyers, regardless of whether we hold a practising certificate, and regardless of whether we actually appear in Court, we are all officers of the Court. There are obligations flowing from that.
  • Ethos 253 Spring 2019
    Having completed a full year in my role of President, I have found it to be exciting, engrossing and at times intensely interesting.
  • Ethos 254 Summer 2019
    One of the Law Society’s principal activities is lobbying for “good law”.
  • Ethos 255 Autumn 2020
    Chris Donohue, President of the ACT Law Society, observes that recent changes to wig and robing rules for solicitors creates an unhelpful difference between counsel performing the same role.
  • Ethos 256 Winter 2020
    Time of crisis and change.
  • Ethos 256 Winter 2020 – How does our law treat our children
    Chris Donohue, President of the ACT Law Society, looks at the role of punishment vs rehabilitation in recidivism rates of young offenders.
  • Ethos 257 Spring 2020
    In his introduction to the 19/20 Annual Report, President Chris Donohue looks back at an eventfuly 12 months.