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I am endeavouring to ensure that the fitout of Courtroom ONE of the existing ACT Supreme Court should be retained in its present form, (but with IT enhancements) in accordance with the government commissioned heritage report, rather than being cut up for furniture.

Reference to a petition is set out below.

There is an urgency about this, as demolition of the internal fitout of all the courtrooms could start by the end of September or early October.

Preliminary discussions with the project managers have indicated an unwillingness to change the plans, and that the appearance of the Courtroom will be altered significantly. That Court is where thousands of new ACT legal practitioners have taken their oaths and affirmations for admission to the legal profession.

The Courtroom could be, and should be, kept in its existing form as a physical reminder of the history of the rule of law and justice in the ACT. The darkness of its wooden panelling and its “60s” design would provide a stark contrast to the daylight that is to flood our new Court rooms.

Please read the information at , and, if you agree (which I sincerely hope you do) please sign the petition.