Supreme Court Probate Notice Website


I’m happy to report that the new Probate Notice website at the Supreme Court is now alive and well. It may have taken a while to get it all moving, but the time I spent in advocating, and the effort of all involved has been worthwhile. Just log into the “Supreme Court, Probate Notice” to […]

Supreme Court Probate Notices


Good news from the Supreme Court. From 1 March 2022, we can publish Probate notices on the Court’s website. Similar to NSW, there will be a saving of time and cost. Thank you to all involved in getting this to happen.

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Very soon ACT Probate notifications will be done via the Supreme Court website in a similar way to NSW. It has been a long wait, but the enacting legislation has been approved – with thanks to the Rules Committee chaired by the Honourable Justice Michael Elkaim, and including Richard Faulks of Snedden Hall and Gallop. […]